2018 HBIS-NEU International Academic Conference

The“2018 HBIS & NEU International Academic Conference” is held by HBIS Group and Northeastern University on August 21-22, 2018 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei.

The theme of this event is “Sustainable steel makes human life better”. We will exchange the latest scientific research achievements in metallurgical process, production process, development and application of new materials, equipment and automation technology, energy saving and environmental protection technology and explore the sustainable development path of steel industry.

The annual meeting will be divided into two parts: Plenary lecture and Parallel session report. There will be 8 parallel sessions, including mining and beneficiation, coking and iron making, steelmaking and continuous casting, cold or hot continuous rolling technology and products, medium and heavy plate technology and products, long product and special steel technology and products, equipment automation and smart manufacturing, green energy and resource efficient utilization. More than 500 delegates will take part in the conference, and more than 150 participators will release report.

Conference Agenda
  • Opening Ceremony
    Sustainable steel makes human life better
  • Awards Ceremony
    Award ceremony for "HBIS Golden Tripod", outstanding research project and individual 
  • Plenary Lecture
    Guest speech at home and abroad
  • Parallel Session Report
    Expert and scholar speech at home and abroad
  • Parallel Session Exchange
    Technical demand exchange for production line
Research Achievements
  • Development of Corrosion Resistant and Weathering Structural Steel
    In combination with the development requirements of on-site weathering steel, the Q355GNH~Q550NH series of weathering structural steels and the Q450NQR1 series of weathering steels for railway vehicles have been developed. These series weathering steels with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance have realized the full range and supply coverage. We've successfully signed a strategic agreement with CIMC for supplying more than 20,000 tons per month, which means the product quality has been highly recognized by clients and the market competitiveness and influence of the product are gradually expanding . Based on this, the Q350EWR1 industrial trial production was carried out for the strict requirements of steel for CRCC’s compartments. The mechanical properties are excellent, the corrosion rate is ≤30%. Compared with conventional steel, the weather resistance of Q450NQR1 can be improved by 70%. The research and development of corrosion resistant weathering steel has improved the market capability of high-end products on the spot, and well prepared for entering the CRRC and the market.
  • Development and Application of Oxide Scale Control Technology
    Aiming at the surface quality problems caused by the oxide scale of hot rolled plate and medium and heavy plate production line, the proprietary technology of “Controlling the Structure, Composition and Thickness of Oxide Scale on the Surface of Steel Plate” was completed, which improved the structure and plasticity of the scale, reduced the thickness, thereby improving the surface quality of the hot rolled strip, and solving the problems of powdering and falling off during subsequent processing and stamping. For the surface defect of pickling plate in 1810 short process production line, the optimal control scheme was proposed, the change rate was reduced to less than 2%, and the continuous production of 4,400 tons met the requirements of the enterprise; For the development of the 1880 line of pickle-free steel products, HBIS-NEU researched 510L, 700L and QStE series of high surface quality pickle-free products, the thickness of the scale is controlled below 12μm, which can achieve volume supply. Spot and pit defects of steel plates such as Q345R and Q550D in the medium and heavy plate production line have been improved. The incidence of spot defects decreased below 2.3%, the incidence of pit defects fell below 0.4%; the fine control technology of iron oxide scale developed in 2250 line hot rolled steel, which achieving the thickness of iron oxide scale of steel grades such as A36, 510L and 380CL falls below 13μm, and the degradation rate of surface defects of QStE series pickling board falls below 0.69%.
  • Optimization Technologies and Application of Rolling Mill and Straightening Machine Automation System
    Focusing on the systematic digests and optimizes of the rolling mill and straightening machine automation system, we have improved the system operation stability, reduced the accident time, and improve the rolling pace and product yield. Optimized the main program and online database of the rolling mill process controlling system platform has solved unstable and no backup problems, leading to the input rate of the automation system is ≥99%; For the plane shape control function, the interpretation of the function interface program is completed, and the plane shape is added. The correction function of the control parameters, the product rectangular yield is ≥95%; for the micro-tracking function digestion and improvement of the rolling and correction areas, the micro-tracking signal and the logic judgment problem are solved, and the micro-tracking accuracy is not less than 0.5m, which improved rolling pace and capacity increase of 6%; After the digestion and optimization of the straightening machine model program, the conventional plate of the hot straightening machine has a qualified rate over 99.5%, low-carbon bainitic steels such as Q550/Q690 high-strength steel and X60-X70/L415-L485 pipeline steel have a qualified rate over 97%. The pre-straightening machine improves the water entry shape of the steel plate and reduces the uneven cooling. The unevenness of the low-carbon bainitic steel TMCP such as Q550/Q690 high-strength steel above 30mm and X60-X70/L415-L485 pipeline steel above 16mm are controlled. Within 8mm/2m, the qualified rate of primary unevenness is over 97%, which has reached the domestic leading level.
Distinguished Guest
  • YU Yong
    Chairman of HBIS Group
  • XIONG Xiaomei
    Secretary of CPC Committee of Northeastern University
  • PENG Zhaofeng
    President of HBIS Group
  • ZHAO Ji
    President of Northeastern University
  • GAN Yong
    Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • WANG Guodong
    Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Edwin BASSON
    Director General of the World Steel Association
  • XIE Jianxin
    Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • CHAI Tianyou
    Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Chen Yunfa
    Vice Director of Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science
  • Henrik Saxén
    Well-known Finnish metallurgist
  • WANG Xindong
    Vice President & CTO of HBIS Group
  • TANG Lixin
    Vice President of Northeastern University
  • Chul-Min Bae
    Senior Vice President POSCO, Head of Pohang Research Lab
  • Debashish Bhattacharjee
    Vice President of Tata Steel
    YU Yong XIONG Xiaomei PENG Zhaofeng ZHAO Ji GAN Yong WANG Guodong Edwin BASSON XIE Jianxin CHAI Tianyou Chen Yunfa Henrik Saxén WANG Xindong TANG Lixin Chul-Min Bae Debashish Bhattacharjee
  • LIU Liu
    Dean of Jiangsu Metallurgical Technology Research Institute
  • WANG Li
    Chief Researcher of Baowu steel


Taihang State Guesthouse,
Shijiazhuang, Hebei




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